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Connecting local founders based on skill set, personality, and a dash of luck.  Matchup meetings run by professionals for founders seeking partners and early employees.

Have you ever wondered how people find startups to join at the beginning? This meeting can help you find the people starting businesses. Maybe you aren't quite ready to be a founder but know you have time to devote to a side project to grow your skills. This meeting is also for you. Every person who works on a business at the beginning need not be an executive or even senior level person. You just need an expertise and at least a few hours to dedicate regularly to a business.

In-Person Matchup Meeting

March 4, 2020 6PM-8PM

WeWork Thanksgiving Tower
1601 Elm St
33rd Floor
Dallas, Tx

Are you a founder looking for a business partner or your first few employees? Are you looking to join an early stage company?

If so, this meeting is specifically for you. We seek to match founders with partner and foundational employees. We match based on expertise first, but also on industry and even personality.

Join us to meet others and let us help you on your journey.
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What is a founder?

A founder to us is anyone actively building a product or company. Founders can be in any industry or have any expertise. You may have a registered business but you may not.

If you only have an idea and want others to create the product and company for you, you aren't a founder quite yet. Unless of course you have funding and can pay your team market salaries. Generally, you must be taking active steps in the business or on the product to be a founder that we can help.

People are drawn to those who have something to show. That something can be a business plan, a prototype, drawings, market research findings, an active website, or even interested users. There are many other possibilities too. When there is evidence of active progress and understanding, people are typically more interested than when the ask is, "Build it for me for equity."